Saturday, February 7, 2015


As I sit with my black sparkly hat on, very comfortable in a warm house, I am recapping the day at the 11 o'clock hour. A concept of "spinning" was brought to my attention by our nutritionist, Trista Grey.  The idea that your are spinning mentally and constantly on-the-go, ticking away but tired.  Such is life while on prednisone or 10 cups of coffee, take your pick.  The caffeinated side effect is the same.  Working out certainly helps, and being able to talk about what I'm spinning about is a gigantic bonus.

I had an opportunity to go out tonight with a great friend, Amy. We went out for a long drawn-out dinner and super conversation.  I love it when people invite conversation with questions, and Amy is one of those friends, whose questions point to her care for my well-being. I consider this one of the highest ways to be a good friend. I observed how she kindly listened and responded thoughtfully, as I chatted on, and on.  It felt so good to talk and just keep talking, that I must have said too much, spinning on with paragraphs for answers rather than a sentence or two. Thankfully, what this dear friend thinks about me is one area I do not have to keep spinning on about at this hour, knowing that she is a true friend regardless of how much I sounded like Mr. Chatterbox.  It is little times like this that I am grateful to have some friends back.  I had plenty of friends in help, word, and deed during the last few months, but this kind of outing was something I really enjoyed and hope to do again soon.

Mike and I are in an interval training program at our gym, which has done wonders for him and myself!  The last class I held 4 out of 6 planks without my knees for 30 seconds each.  Two weeks ago I could not hold one without knees, and four weeks ago I wouldn't have dreamt of going to the gym.  But, it was last summer where the spinning class did me in.  Using the same muscles over and over was not an appropriate use of my body; stand up, spin, sit down, spin, more resistance, less resistance, still spinning on and on.  I was not a fan of this class. 

I spin on with visions all the time.  My usual outlet of musical theater is not an option in this season.  I was part of the production of shows the last two years, and this year I am not.  I'm not even planning a themed birthday party for Naomi, which was a super outlet for going with her ideas and my visions, producing an unforgettable party together for the last 6 years! Even when she was turning two, she picked the theme for her party, and "Abby Elmo" came to celebrate with music and dancing. This paradigm shift in my February leads me to a very calming verse.  If I am to "be still and know," I will calm the spinning, pause the wheels and take a glance at Creator and calmer.  Wonderful Counselor.  Perhaps the only one who can extract prednisone-induced hyperactivity.

Be still, and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!”

The Lord of hosts is with us;
the God of Jacob is our fortress. Selah

Psalm 46:10-11