Monday, February 9, 2015

I See

Our little cast iron skillet sizzles many mornings with eggs to order.  Today, I made two eggs over-lite after sauteing garlic, mushrooms, and baby spinach and finished the dish with a drizzle of orange-infused oil. I sprinkled with salt and joined my mug of Rose Tea with a splash of raw honey while Mike graciously brought the kids to school.

I could not begin eating without finding a pen and paper, because this little song kept bugging me, and in moments like that, the song will escape me unless I put the pen to paper.  I kept singing it, not sure where it came from, and not sure who it may help.  Maybe myself, someday. I think it is what God would say to someone who feels lonely, or may be a bully in some situations, but let each reader be the interpreter for this one . . .

I see you when you're all alone
Sad and desperate to be known
I see you when the lights go down
I see you when you wear your crown
And lord it over so and so
Please treat him kindly, you don't know
The plans I have to make him known and
not to leave him
or you
on your own.