Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Moon Face

Welcome to my world.  My face has rounded out rather widely over the last week.  I only took one week off of going to the gym, because of a rapid heart rate and palpitations.  Then lovely side effect of the prednisone moon face has appeared. Chipmunk cheeks, oompa loompa, I'm sure you get the picture. 

I guess it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.  My friend Meghan asked me how I was feeling as David and I rushed in late for gymnastics class.  "Good! Yup, back to my old self of cramming lots of activities in and being late!"  I'm very grateful I'm able to function and take care of things and then some. Let's hope this continuea as I taper down the prednisone.  I know the moon face is a cosmetic thing, and hopefully temporary, but definitely better than not being able to talk and swallow. I know it would be better to stay off of "white" carbohydrates, and was that a slice of pizza I had today?  Yup. 

Just Begin: Well, back to a good routine this week; This was my second day out of four scheduled at the gym.  Kim, one of my trainers, was excellent in reminding me to look ahead and not back.  This is true.  As over-thinking and moon-facing leads to vanity, hopefully this medicine regimen will lead to continued stable health.   I was able to complete my entire routine, including split squats, single arm bench presses, the right amount of band assisted chin ups, and more.

Hoping to keep this up.  Let's look ahead and stop dwelling on the moon face.