Sunday, February 22, 2015

Director's Note for a Birthday

When Naomi was born, I was in production of Beauty and the Beast with Marple Newotwn High School.  This was one of my favorite jobs.  I was directing a high school musical and this was my first go at it! When I found out I was pregnant and the show opened a week after my due date, I was even more excited.  Yeah, sounds a bit crazy, but I loved the many aspects of directing a musical and was up for the challenge.  I was fascinated watching the vision of the scenery come to construction, the notes in the score become the characters' thoughts in sound, the lighting and sound cues transform the house into a new world, the moments of "aha!" when students understood their character enough to draw the audience in, and the Disney-cry moments when it really all came together.  We took Naomi to the show when she was a few days old, against medical advice but with plenty of drugs.  I could not tolerate not being there and at least catching a glimpse of what it could all look like.  It was excellent. Standing ovation. Full house. Energy and life. 

My director's note usually gleans from life-truths that are found within the script, and even today we listened to the score of Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Seussical the Musical.  All four of us enjoy singing along.  Mike takes on "If I Can't Love Her" with all heart and I can't help but sing along with Belle in her many glorious moments.  Amazing Mayzie and Amazing Gertrude are completely fun for me to sing, and I love especially "All for You." 

So, today on Naomi's 7th birthday, I will offer a director's note for a birthday: 

We teach her to find the beauty within herself and her others.  We teach her to work hard and lead her through routines that will set a foundation for her days. We encourage her ideas and creativity and remind her of her beautiful mind.  That she was created with exceptional gifts, unique only to her and to no one else in the universe.  Likewise, each of her friends and her brother, and each of them have gifts unique to themselves.  In light of that, comparing herself to her friends or brother is not necessary or helpful because she was not created or made in light of them, or with them in mind.  She was created uniquely, to fulfill the purposes that God has intended for her life. As she has Psalm 139 memorized, she can glean from the truths that she is fearfully and wonderfully made with a knowledge so high that it is unattainable. 

I would hope that from Mayzie she would learn to follow through on responsibilities and refrain from flaunting her tail.  From Gertrude, that she would be content in the way she was created and from the Cat in the Hat remind herself frequently, how lucky she is.  From Gaston, to turn away from arrogant men and that a hostile person produces strife.  From Lumiere and Cogsworth to be hospitable and timely.  From Mrs. Potts to love even the chips in the ones she cares for.  From Belle that she would not be deceived with appearances and look to the beauty in all those she encounters.  From Jojo, that she would know her dreams and follow them, having confidence in her ideas even when others do not. From Horton, how to protect and nurture, and stand up for what is right.  From the music and scores, how the soul can be touched on earth.  From directors and teachers, that following authority is a good thing.  From singing, that she can be released from earthly stresses.  From singing, that she would commune with God and know that she joins angel voices when she sings, for there is great singing and music in heaven.

Happy Birthday, Nomi!  Break a leg. We love you!