Sunday, February 15, 2015

Birthdays and Days

I love birthdays.  I like huge parties with lots of candles and mess. Surprises, and letting the kids cut their own lopsided slices of cake with family banter and lifelong jokes and stories.  I like sensing love in its many forms.

Growing up, some of the most memorable times were getting together with cousins for birthdays. It was calming for me, as a child, to hear the adults laughing and enjoying movies in the background while we went outside to play manhunt or stay in and play sardines. Pinochle and movies, laughing and tons of snacks always left smiles and good memories.   I really want our kids to experience this kind of memory when they are older.  

I'm reflecting on two pieces today.  One is a quote from Mark Twain, and one is a song from Jekyll and Hyde. 

The quote by Mark Twain:
The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

A New Life, from Jekyll & Hyde performed by Linda Eder, composed by her husband Frank Wildhorn:

I'd like to combine the two.  The final lyric of "A New Life" is "each day's a brand new life."

As we are peppered or saturated with the news of the world falling apart, peppered or saturated with our own festivities and our own woes, and peppered or saturated with dreams for ourselves and our children, lets be encouraged that "each day's a brand new life" and could be the day "you find out why." 

It is possible, if the sun rises before us in the east tomorrow.  As the dawn comes, may your new life begin, too.