Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Valentine

My Valentine loves games, winning and understanding me.
He loves to hear the sound of my voice.
He reminds me how refreshed he is to hear me speak again.
He kindly leads our children with firm and fair words, boundaries and occasional treats;
Lots of giggles, fun tackles, the bucking yak, and roller coasters.
We fight and have conflict
But not without a quest to understand each other better.
He sees my tired eyes and directs me to rest in perfect timing.
He knows my giftings well. 
He looks well to my ways and the ways of our household.
He protects my heart from words that are not true, no matter who says them.
He speaks truth to me and weeds out false teaching.
When I dwell on folly, he fills me with solid teaching and wisdom.
He reminds me of what I have accomplished and what I am capable of doing.
He commends me on the work I execute.

He is an exceptional teacher,
Making the complex simple.
Leading lab staff through human hearts
And physician support staff through charts.
He leads patients into better health
And heartbeats to better rhythms.

He's got this heart and I'm grateful to relay:


Thanks for a fantastic 16th Valentine's Day.  I totally love you.


P.S. Thanks for proofreading my shoddy grammar and spelling so consistently. Surprise!