Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Healing Waters

The river, just a few miles to our west, is half frozen, somewhat snow-clogged, and has a partial water stream sporadically running through its center.  Front Street runs south along the river's east side, and I love the switch from glistening snow, to glistening river, to baby mountains of ice interposed as I drive southbound. It's still a river, just in different forms.  It still needs the 6 1/2 bridges sprinkled between the two shores.

Yesterday, I brought our children to our pediatrician not only for a well appointment, but also to pick our doctor's brain about what has been going on with Naomi.  Over the past 14 months, she has developed 4 new allergies to food and been diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis. I just found pictures from when we lived in our previous house (14 months ago) of her happily eating grilled salmon, and now she has a "fish allergy." As the Myasthenia Gravis that I have has flared up since last May, we have been praying for wisdom and physically dissecting the house for causes.  One possible culprit has been the sacrificial rod disintegration within our hot water heater, possibly contaminating our hot water.  Baths. Dishwasher. Washing machine.

I don't need to search far to find out what heavy metals can do to one's system.  Eek.  I'm very grateful we have enough support and I am stable enough to finally care for the children and lead these investigations.

As we pursued researching my illness since it was getting to scary levels in the fall, losing speech and swallowing capacity, we went to Tristra Gray, in addition to hospital admissions, neurologists, etc.  Trista had an article on her office wall documenting a case of water contamination that was discovered via a hair analysis.  Basically, they snip a part of your hair, send it away to a lab, and it identifies minerals, toxins, and other information about what's going on in your body.  My hair analysis in November showed aluminum present in my system, among other things. In December, we had a hair analysis done for both children, and Naomi and David's also showed up with aluminum in their system! Not many doctors, to whom we presented these lab results have taken the test seriously, but yesterday, the children's pediatrician did.  Dr. Zimmerman prescribed blood tests, hinted at by the hair analysis and symptoms.  So, today I had our children's blood drawn according to the scripts.  Both Nurse Gray and Dr. Zimmerman were also very supportive of our use of the doTerra Essential Oils.  If cilantro can detox our body of metals, why not put a few drops of oil on our feet? 

Our little river of investigation and treatment is taking on many forms.  Having just gone through a valley this fall and winter with my own illness, I'm grateful we have maneuvered through naturopathic medicine, allopathic medicine, prescriptions, essential oils, and have enough of a baseline in each to accept the role of each form.  Could there be a day when the whole body is treated as a whole, from nutrition to environment to medicine to soul?