Friday, January 7, 2011

Household Management

This is kind of funny. I have a nanny for 2 kids and a house cleaner today. In my mind, I secretly made fun of people who need this kind of help. Usually families where both parents are doctors or in some high powered job where they don't have time for the kids and household. Then I prided myself that I was doing it on my own. Who needs help? Definitely not me! So I thought. (not to mention, I was not very good at housekeeping anyway.) How quick I was to pass judgements, not taking anyone's desires or family goals into consideration, I just judged judged judged.

Where did my gratefulness go? The gratefulness that there was a time when I did not need help. Did I serve with willing hands? Whatever my hands found to do, did I do with all my might? Definitely not. I'm not going to sit here and condemn myself, but I will reflect quickly on how I did indeed take for granted that I had hands that could do work, take care of children and keep the household going to make a haven for my family. I will confess, and then praise Him because he has already sent his Son to cleanse me of my failures. What a refreshment to know that my slate is clean and I am presented as blameless to God.

I was always better at managing things than actually doing them. I could make the lists, and if I had a little staff to execute what needed to be done, it would be done. Well, for bettor or worse, now I'm sitting in a clean house with calm children, ready for my husband to come home so we can have some nice time together this evening and weekend.

He beat me in our Race for the Galaxy game the last two nights, so I'll have to step up my game. Game on!