Saturday, January 15, 2011

Feeling Not-Great

So this morning I woke up feeling very good. It was an early morning wake up for my littlest, and he adorably smiled and bobbled with joy when he saw his early warm bottle. Just when you are drudging along in thought . . . "why does it have to be 4:45 and not later, and so chilly, and am I really still sick because I feel pretty good? . . ." God just sprinkles down some joyful crumbs of life. Like my cute bobbling with joy son.

So . . . anyone? Is this the nature of the disease? Is it a flow of great days and a few not great, a balance of doing it, not doing it, and over doing it, and a waddle between them all? Or is this is more the nature of not knowing what kind of regimen to be on. "It" meaning life in general: daily living.

From the other blogs I've been surfing through, it seems like this may be the nature of the disease.