Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We now have a name. A name of what this thing is that is causing my muscle weakness and fatigue. It is -infact-myasthenia gravis. Here we go!

We're going to start with a small amount of steroid, and take it from there. I should have some kind of conclusion of how this treatment is working in about 10 days.

I had an EMG yesterday . . . did you know that your muscle can be listened to? There was this tiny needle (I'm not a needle person) in the muscle between my thumb and index finger, and then we listened to it. This was after having these interesting shock sensations done to other muscles in my neck and arm, which gave some concrete evidence in a print out (looked like a bunch of sin curves to me) that I have MG (myasthenia gravis). I had to have this physical test done, because the blood-work that tested for different antibodies that work under the heading of MG all came back negative.

So I have two kids under 3 but a lot of family support. Also, a lot of church family support. Let's see how it shakes out!

It totally felt like a "normal night" since Mike and I got to play Race for the Galaxy tonight.