Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mysterious in Refreshingly New Ways

God works in these mysterious and refreshingly new ways, which constantly peek my interest. I had NO interest in getting out of bed this morning with the way I felt. It was as if each arm had a little dumbbell tied on and my eyes were like looking through my iced over windshield. It was the hour to get up, though. David was awake, Mike was about to walk out the door, and Naomi had been up since 5:00am playing in her room, fully dressed. I settled into our living room chair with my tea and a bottle for David, and Kissed my honey goodbye. As if this is a good environment to have a quiet time with the Lord, I opened to what Mike and I are reading and started to read. Still feeling physically miserable.

The elmo phone has been floating around this room all morning, and Naomi brought it to me about 7:15am and said, "Mommy, you have to call Oma." Oma is my mom's mother, who we are very close with, but really only call a few times a month so this was a little out of daily routine. Plus, I have learned to not call Oma until after 10am for risk of waking her up. So I responded, "We'll call her later, it was nice of you to think of Oma."

As it was getting harder to lift David throughout the hour, I was relieved when the nanny came through the door at 8:06am. I encouraged her in her work, gave a little instruction, and made a b-line for my bed.

Attempting to not feel lazy, I muddled a prayer that I would have wisdom about my neurologist appointment tomorrow, and that if there is anything specific I should ask or bring up, God would inspire Mike or I to do so. Just as I am about to doze off- *ring ring* the phone - It was Oma! Ok. Now something is up. Oma had just read an article last night in the "Reader's Digest" about a mother bringing out a diagnosis for her son who had trouble walking throughout early childhood. It was a hopeful story, and the boy shared a birthday with me, May 9. I felt a sense of urgency, because between Naomi saying I have to call Oma and Oma calling so early, I knew I should get myself out the door and get the new "Reader's Digest." After a few texts, waiting for the car to de-ice, watching Naomi paint the letter "P," carefully walking on ice, I made it into the little grocery store to find that this was the same Reader's Digest I have at home. I RARELY buy magazines at the checkout, but a few weeks ago, I picked up this same one when my mom was visiting, and I remember her commenting - "Oh- Reader's Digest - Oma always gets this."

Could this article Oma was calling about really have been sitting in my living room for weeks? I sat in the store, sifted through, and looked for the article. After two skims and about to give up, I found it as one of the excerpts in "The Best Day of My Life" as told by Lisa Goff, and it was Cynthia Teare's story, "The Day My Son Walked Again." It ends with a joyful triumph after a long trial of celebrating her son's "two" birthdays. May 9th and June 21, the day the dopa medicine worked and allowed him to walk. My honey's birthday is June 21st. A spectacular day indeed.

Refreshing glimpses of confirmation. A while ago I learned that revelation comes from the Lord and confirmation comes from people. Thinking confirmation comes from people can be dangerous and lead to a lot of interpretations of circumstance that aren't exactly accurate. I'll try today to have an attentive ear and be quick to listen to revelation.

I mentioned to Oma, after we went back and forth how ironic it was that Naomi said I should call her, how we see God working only when going through a trial. As if when "life is good" we don't have a reason to. She agreed and concluded how many people do not understand this. I never thought I would be thankful for our trials. I am often quick to think - this too shall pass, when this is over, when we get over this, or when things get back to "normal." All are not really helpful thoughts for me in this season. There is a richness in this trial and it lends a tender eye to small ways that God is working on a large scale beyond my comprehension.

So I will research today. The rare disease in this article and my own diagnosis. Come up with more questions that would be helpful to ask the neurologist. But, even as I research away, I'm sure it will not be nearly as powerful as one meddled prayer, one moment really listening to the Lord, or a moment where I could actually hear a "still small" voice if one was speaking. AND even if I fail at that, He will graciously hit us over the head until we hear what He has to say. Because that's what He offers us: abundant Grace.

Please pray for wisdom for us and our doc!