Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Not to Do

Let's get a little tally of "what not to do" inspired by one of our favorite movies, "How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days."

If you have an upcoming procedure, such as my thymectomy, I would not recommend goggling "myasthenia gravis thymectomy blog." Well, go ahead and google it. But if you come across an entry such entitled "My Thymectomy, to Hell and Back," you will probably get more anxious than you were to begin with. Of course, a title like that draws you in, so you probably will continue reading, and even if you do, try not to think about it past the few minutes it took you to read the entry. If a week happens to go by and you are still fretting about the aforementioned blog entry, feel free to let it go.

Try not to put such a heavy weight on the things you don't understand. I can't possibly understand the first thing about making an incision in my neck and scooping down to pull out the thymus gland.

Try not to read medical journals on the subject. There is a reason these doctors need 15+ years of training, and a little information is usually worse than a lot of information.

Refrain from stressed-out work mode. You know, where you are so task driven to drive out whatever you are worrying about that you forget to eat? Not good. Especially if you actually have MG, where stress and overexertion make the condition worse.

Turn your attention away from yourself and your woes. Thoughts will quickly avalanche into silly downhill spirals of how much help you aren't getting and discouragement that you can't do it on your own anyway. When the truth of the matter is that hundreds of people are praying for you, and if you really needed help or encouragement, they would call or be there in a heartbeat.

Try not to loose your cell phone at a time like this.


Pray for my appointment with my neurologist, this upcoming Friday. We will probably have a better idea of a time frame for the surgery and the contact information for the surgeon. It will probably be done at U Penn.