Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Quantitative Glance

10 mg Prednisone
15 mg Mestinon
60 mg every 3 hours states the Mestinon bottle instructions.
2 days of a Nanny this week
2 sleeping children
1 husband going through
20 journals of medicine.
5 pre-schools visited
1 pre-school chosen
3 year old, "Mommy, just drop me off."
2 days a week and they don't teach numbers.
24lb 8oz baby boy
29 inches long baby boy
9 months old and healthy
31 years for me
30 for the hubby (well, almost 31)
90 years for Grandpa Cubby
8am appointment with the surgeon on Friday
How many gifts do I want to give him?
Like a million.