Monday, May 2, 2011

Can you say, "Gung-ho?"

Again, another scenario well assessed by Mike.

My adrenaline must have been overshadowing practicality. It was actually very remarkable how well I did last week, considering everything I did. I found a few limits. I didn't realize how much of a system shock it would be to start taking less prednisone. I am very gradually weaning off, but with the miraculous onslaught of "the weaning," I thought it was a green card to be super mom. So I threw in a trip to the park every day, plus a walk around the block, I didn't have a babysitter more than one day, and that was the day I ran 7 errands. I gave up half of my naps this past week, got Naomi and I to the dentist, made it to the home-school a cappella class that my friend so graciously took over the teaching of, and then made it to the weekend packed with a baby shower, garage organization, church, and capped it off with having friends over last night to play games. Okay, this was a lot. Now I see it. I guess I totally forgot that I had surgery 3 weeks ago at some point.

Good thing Mike was like, "Sweets, just because you are doing well, doesn't mean to jump into doing three times more than you were, overnight."

So I'll try this week with 3 days of help. Today I did not have help, and that probably wasn't great planning considering last week and the weekend business. Going to turn in, start looking at preschools tomorrow, meal plan for the rest of the week, and take the activities down a notch or two.

I made a great dinner though! Emeril's Baked Cod (Minus the olive spread), fresh asparagus, spinach, & Rice. Yum!

We're turning in for the night. And if you are keeping track, Mike finally just beat me at our. It's been 7 hard wins for me. And I wasn't the one counting.