Friday, August 29, 2008

Used to leave with just a purse, now with everything but

Hey all - I totally used to leave with just a purse on my merry way to wherever. I thought I was organized in leaving yesterday. Mike couldn't get home on time for me to go out senza baby, so I packed her and all of her 100-items-per-hour-we'll-be-out in my very cute vibe and forgot my own purse. Of course this resulted in me being late. Ahh... how your center of living changes with a sweet baby.

The Dr said she is of the age (6 months) where she understands how to be manipulative, and that's why she's not sleeping through the night. Where on earth did she learn this from? Couldn't have been the 10 min of sesame street she watches per day, or the nice walks we go on to the park, or her totally fun mom. =) Somewhere ingrained is that human nature to defy, to act like we want so we get what we want- not what we need. At 6 months old! She can't even say a word or stand on her own two feet, but now knows how to manipulate. Oma said, I just have to be the boss. Totally worked! She used to grab the spoon and feed herself, getting 5% of food in her mouth and the rest on floor, walls, ears, eyebrows, etc. It amazes me, that going against my instinct to please her constantly has gotten her to eat full meals with minimal mess, gotten me a full night sleep for 2 nights in a row which results in her learning how to put herself back to sleep (a life skill), and a better perspective of the long term joy verses short term happiness.

I guess it's worth a trip back into the house to get my forgotten purse.