Friday, July 11, 2008

Sweet Baby

The swirls of thoughts I had planned on jotting down have escaped me. So, I'll tell you about the highlight of my week. My husband and I hired a babysitter and went out to a great Thai restaurant called Thai L'Elephant. What a great time to re-group and a nice chance to talk about what was going on with "us" as opposed to how many cute things Naomi did that day. Apparently, according to him, I was the one that kept bringing up subjects about the baby.

My husband just finished his residency and has begun fellowship. Three years ago, we moved away from our families after being married a year, and he entered into an ivy-league no bs Residency program. He usually had 4-6 days off a month, and there were times that we were grateful for him coming home "early" from a 20 hr shift as opposed to a 30 hr one. As a nice contrast, now he is only working 7 weekends out of the whole year, and basically on a 7-5 schedule. I used to plan on him staying at the hospital 1 out of every 4 nights. I would camp out on the bed with my laptop, HGTV on the tv, a snack, a drink, the cell and house phone, and my alarm set for work the next morning. It was my night to myself. Totally vegging. Every 4 days.

I am so grateful that we have every evening and night together now, but I have to admit it came with an adjustment period. This adjustment period began last month, when Naomi turned 4 months. My-time became our-time and the baby's-time. I started to go crazy - husband crazy - and baby crazy. My mom relates it to when my dad retired and started to teach her "how to boil water." My husband and I talked about this, trying to come up with reasons why: maybe I need to go back to work for my own sanity - maybe I'm lazy - maybe I have an iron deficiency and getting sick and that's why I need all these naps and don't get anything done - maybe I'm just out of shape - Maybe I have {some really long work that only Drs can say simply} - etc. We concluded that I just don't work well with a lot of unstructured space. This space could come in the form of time, chores, shopping, money management, et al.
So, he came up with "a room a day" plan for getting house stuff done with a different room for each day. It turns out, the list doesn't really take that much time, but gives me a heading and an altitude. Also, it has increased my diligence for doing my quiet time (where I read the Bible daily to receive any Word God would have for my life through it). We agreed that he would clean up from dinner each night if I put the baby to sleep. We have additionally planned a date night out each week and a family day out each week. Eventually, I will go out once a week also with a girlfriend, but we haven't executed that one yet. Maybe I'll go to the spa instead. Ahhh... that sounds relaxing.
I believe thoroughly that my husband is a gift from God to me and our family. He is "a leader with a gentle touch" as my precious moments mug states (evidently my name means that). I believe I am also, but in the workplace and as a leader for Naomi. It's so nice to have him as my stand-back-and-figure-me-out person. Calls a spade a spade but helps me come up with practical ways to get over myself. I'm glad I don't have that disease that I can't pronounce! So yeah, my title fits. He is. I have two of them.