Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Bedtime More Ustime

We tried a new, earlier bedtime for Naomi last night. Seven seemed to be the buzz time we kept hearing from respected parents we know. She went to sleep until 8am! So, this led to a full evening of Mike and I getting to literally "hang out" together. I don't think I can remember the time when we last both had 5 hours together where we had to stay at the house. It was actually very enjoyable. Even though we just piddled the time away by getting sucked into "Take Home Nanny" and "John and Kate plus 8," it was nice to chime back and forth about our transitions, and of course, throw in a game of Cribbage.

Yet again, there was another medical analogy that Mike related to us, thistime about my uneasyness of sticking with a budget. This stemmed from me not ever being used to having good stewardship over my finances. I was never in a hole, but I also never really kept track. The day to "keep track" has come.

Mike brought up that this may be similar to this situation: Imagine I have lung cancer, and the DR says they need to remove my lung. My reaction would be, "remove my lung!?!?!?" . . . and floods of other negative thoughts. However, the DR is very excited at the prospect that removing my lung would benefit me, and remove the cancer from my body. I should be grateful that my lung CAN be removed, b/c there are very few types of lung cancers where removing the lung is a cure.

I was never really a big fan of having a budget, nonetheless sticking to one. However, I should totally be glad that we have means to have a budget to stick to. There I go, being ungrateful again, in my own little world. So glad we're back on track.

These little tidbits of talking may seem unnecessary, but they are some of the tidbits of life that we neglected while Mike was in Residency, tidbits that I am now cherishing. We used to live day to day, meal out to meal out and felt a sense of entitlement because "he works so hard." I am so glad we have both been convicted of our lack of stewardship over our finances, and that we are now getting back on track.

Www.foodnetwork.com is my new favorite stop for meal ideas. (Just made the peach crisp found on the "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef" - EXCELLENT!)I'm on a better schedule of not shopping when I'm bored, but by shopping when we need to buy presents or stuff. I'm not really bored b/c there are plenty of shirts that won't be brought to the cleaners. I'm soaking up all this time with Naomi during the day and ustime in the evenings. (Tonight I'm going out to AC More, though; got get Bridal Shower stuff!) Guys need the house to themselves once in a while.