Thursday, December 15, 2011

10 Days before Christmas

Twas 10 days before Christmas and all through the house
not a child was peeping, we already caught our one mouse.

The stockings are hung and the fourth is being made
As I sat on the couch, the mail, I needed to read.

The children are playing all quiet and calm, 
Now I can get some things on my "to do" list done.

When I peeked at the kitchen and what do I see
Mac and cheese being made by someone who's three.

The flour was out, and so was the mac, 
in a pot, in the oven of play, there it sat.  

Then our bowls were prepped,  Naomi's, David's and mine. 
"Delicious," I said as I muddled over this one. 

I will not rebuke, I'm making today lots of fun, 
"So yummy, and crunchy, and mmm...yum. yum."

We went to the toy store, the train store, out for lunch
Mailed our cards, to the cleaners, and got into the holiday crunch.

With fake cheese on the breast of the stove and the floor,
We pulled out the vacuum and cleaned up a little more.

There's more quiet playing, and that's all that matters, 
They're getting along and exploring for hours.  

What a huge blessing to be part of this nest, 
Well enough to homemake, to teach our kids is the best.

Maybe I won't get to clean every nook and cranny
Or sit and write or play with my new camera. 

But as presents are wrapped with crooked pieces of tape
The is learning going on, and that's no mistake.

As you muster your homes into holiday shape
Enjoy your moments of mess and lists, avoid haste.

For it is only by wisdom a house can be built,
As I say this David's hair is covered in milk. 

For now he's entitled, "The Milk Witch - Mommy, run!"
So I need to run- please take some time to make it lots of fun.