Friday, October 29, 2010


How wonderful. To be sitting on a small deck over a body of water. Refuge. Bugs and birds, wildlife seemingly chaotic yet perfectly ordered by the Creator to co-exict, procreate, untainted by our buildings. God-made protected from man-made. Free. Playschool.
Children learn from their environment. Running accross a preserved water, through woods and under a blue sky, spotted with gentle moving clouds. 2-3 year olds. It's not about walking trails to get somewhere, but to check out the dried up itchy ball and hopping spider. How grateful am I that I have time to take my children with other moms, and invest thoroughly in their learning.

A perfectly designed, grown, then fallen leaf just fell on my silly blackberry screen. Silly compared to this wondrous creation, and all therein. This crumpled fallen leaf carried far more strategic measures and order to have it exist than my blackberry. Ordered veins, once held life, functioned as food now functions as shelter, after growing from a tiny seed, from a sprout to a vine and branch of who knows what species of tree. Thank You, Creator. I am humbled at Your work.