Friday, July 3, 2009

start to summer

So I kicked off the summer with 2 weeks of full time grad classes, both back to back, 8am-4:30pm, M-F. I don't know which one I can say I liked better. Marc Dicciani's drum set class was a blast and I learned an incredible amount of information, how to play and teach and jam and twirl a stick around like a rock star drummer. Can't quite execute it yet but I know how to teach myself to.then this week I just completed a musical theater course, which covered directing, producing, makeup, choreography, technical aspects of theater, costuming, you name it! It was definately a moment where I wish all the information could go into some slot in my brain, and when 700,000 questions come up next January-March I have a google search of that section. I met Stevie Rawlings, a theater director from Parsmus HS, and realized there are people in the world like me. She has the same ideas and mannerisms that I have, only she has riches of experience and a wealth of knowledge, and executes everything a million times better than me. She would be an awesome mentor director, and I was kind of star struck because of how good she was.
So, I have just finished my pedicure, going to grab a bite to eat and head home. I am looking forward to spending this weekend and week with family, Mike, Naomi, and going to NJ to see both of our families. The pool is open in N Haledon and the Stand is open in Aberdeen. Dare I bring the script of Oz and start envisioning it? Hmmm. Maybe that will be part of tonight's adventure.