Monday, September 15, 2008

Ahh... Married to the Medical Mind . . . I am so not a Doctor

I can see the frustration settle into my 7 month old daughter's head trickling through tears and her whole self when she cannot pull some sort of large object into her mouth to test it out. I can see the frustration settle into my husband's head trickling through clenched jaw and empty stare and his whole self when he gets an answer wrong. This could be answers to tiny questions, such as, "was it right to play the queen of diamonds in the card game last night?" all the way over to life saving questions he experiences on a daily basis as a cardiology fellow.

I am so not a doctor. Success to me does not equal winning or getting things right.

I play games for fun, happen to be very good at games with trump thanks to my Uncle Billy's teachings, and would rather loose than win b/c if my husband, the doctor, looses, he gets upset. His dad said that that is competitiveness. I think it is only one reaction to competitive situation and only one form of evidence of competitiveness.

I tend to disagree. I am extremely competitive, but very less in-your-face. I throw my heart and soul and mind in to things that I really care about and they usually turn out a lot better than the expectation was. I love taking things that are crap and bypassing good and making them great. I know God has gifted me in these areas, especially in working with HS students.

After just talking with a friend, I'm very thankful for the Doctor mind. Will one of you please find a cure for cancer. That you need to get right.